• Havsfjord

The Swedish Brillo scandal

In 2007, the art world and fans of Andy Warhol were shocked by the story uncovered by Swedish news paper Expressen; more than a hundred of Andy Warhol 'Brillo'-boxes, sold for thousands of dollars were fake made after Warhols death. The map below is created with Google Maps, a location based timeline of the events, from the creation of the Brillo box by James Harvey to Warhols version; to the subsequent uncovering of counterfeit boxes and its repercussions. The layers are divided into time periods; the creation of the Brillo box as a commodity and art work (-1968) the creation and first exhibitions with the counterfeit boxes (1990-1993), the fake boxes on the market (1994-2006), to the eventual discovery and aftermath (2007- ). I find it really interesting to be able to map out both timelines of ownership and artifacts travels, which I could see myself using in my own work. An example of usefulness is in the question of ownership of artifacts in the Global North originating from the Global South, which could be furthered analyzed with the help of map visualizations.


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